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Every breath you take:
from air quality to noxious gases, medical discoveries to dealing with garlic-breath… And everything in between!

Where: Kochlokal Innsbruck
When: 19 November 2019

About SciBar

SciBar is a free science communication and public outreach event that takes place monthly in Innsbruck.

Regular events for people who love science and for scientists who want to share their research.

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Would you like to share your science or research in an informal atmosphere at one of our SciBars?

Our SciBars are hugely popular and regularly attract audiences of 30-60 people. The audience will be interested in science, but will not necessarily have a science background.

If you have an idea for a topic, submit your talk details below. If you don’t like filling in forms, you can also just send an email to Suzanne at

If you’re uncertain, here are a few good reasons to speak at SciBar.

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An example of a SciBar event

Here’s an example of a SciBar event in the UK. It was themed “Galaxy Zoo” and speakers talked about a collaborative project that involved scientists and members of public. It took place in Oxford. As you’ll see, it’s in a pub, the moderator has a beer in his hand.

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