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Scientists FAQ

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How many speakers are at each event?

We plan 4 speakers to each SciBar speaking event. If all goes well, we have 4 speakers on the night, too.

How long does my talk have to be?

We suggest 10-15 minutes. If your talk gets to 20 minutes, we’ll stop you, so planning is essential.

Can I use a PowerPoint presentation?

We’d prefer you to talk to your audience without a presentation, but if you absolutely need to use a presentation, we can make a plan.

How can I apply to speak?

Just go to our Speakers page and submit your talk details.

Do I have to speak in English or German?

It’s your choice. You can speak in either English or German as our SciBar events are bi-lingual.

Public FAQ

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How much does it cost to attend a SciBar event?

Our SciBar events are free. All you have to pay for is your own drink.

How long does a SciBar event last?

It depends on the event. SciBar speaking events usually have 4 speakers, which means that the event takes around 2 hours, including breaks. Other events have different time schedules.

What language are SciBar events?

Speakers present in either English or German, depending on what they feel most comfortable speaking.

I am a teacher and would like to arrange a Science Event at my school. Can you help?

Maybe. We have contact with many scientists and researchers in Innsbruck and can give you some ideas, but you might be better off speaking to the university.

I'd like to sponsor SciBar

Lovely! Get in touch for a chat.

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