Be a speaker at a SciBar event

Would you like to share your science or research in an informal atmosphere at one of our SciBars?

Our SciBars are hugely popular and regularly attract audiences of 30-60 people. The audience will be interested in science, but will not necessarily have a science background.

If you have an idea for a topic, submit your idea below or send a note to Suzanne at

If you’re uncertain, here are a few good reasons to speak at SciBar.

If you need persuading, here are 5 good reasons for you to speak at SciBar.

1. Friendly, interested audience

The people who come to SciBar are interested in learning new things. They’re a friendly, open-minded and curious audience, so you can rest assured that you’ll receive a warm welcome.

2. Practise your public speaking skills

Why wait until you have to present your next poster to practise your public speaking and presentation skills? SciBar offers you an opportunity to do it right now, in English or German.

3. Do a bit of public outreach

Let’s face it: not everyone has the time to communicate their science and research with the public on a regular basis. But here’s a chance for you to get involved – even if you only do it once!

4. Visibility

We’ll add information about you and your talk to our marketing materials as well as to our website, where people will be able to find out about you long after the event is over. All text approved by you, of course.

5. Have a bit of fun

SciBar is a casual, fun event, and it’s a great place for you to be creative with how you tell people about your science. Make a few jokes, try explaining things in a new way or try something radically different from a standard poster or conference presentation. It’s a great opportunity to have a bit of fun with your science communication.

Why speak at SciBar?

About the themes

We want our SciBar event titles to be fun and intriguing, and we also want them to challenge our scientists to think of interesting angles to their science. Here’s how we choose our titles.

All of our SciBar speaking events have themes as well as a sub-title. The themes are broad and are intended to spark interest whilst having a loose link to whatever scientists choose to talk about.

Each theme is the title of a song – sometimes well-known, sometimes somewhat obscure. It’s important to know that we’re only interested in the title of the song as a theme. The lyrics have absolutely no relation to science or the talks.

We make each event clearer with a sub-title. Here’s an example with a song sung by Van Morrison:

Ancient of Days

Early animals in ancient armour; brewers from the stone age; the science of growing old; and more.

The sub-title – in italics – depends on which scientists and researches submit talks.

Upcoming Themes

Here are the themes that we have planned for the coming months and years. Yes, years (we got a bit excited). Click a theme to see the related song.


All the small things

by Blink-182


Every breath you take

by The Police


Citizens of Tomorrow

by Tokyo Police Club


Total Eclipse of the Heart

by Bonnie Tyler


The Hole in the Ground

by Bernard Cribbins


Hungry Planet

by The Byrds


Citizens of Tomorrow

by Wild Mountain Thyme


Starry, starry night

by Don McLean